The top smartphones you can choose from

There are so many different name brand smart phones you can choose from these days. Some of these include the LG, the iPhone, Nokia, and loads more. Outside of the brand to choose from, you need to choose which type of IOS system you want to have. There’s the Android, the iPhone, and windows that you can choose from. All three of these are good systems for a phone, but each does have its pros and cons depending on your level of technology, and simply what you prefer.

The Android
The android phone is one of the more popular type of phones people purchase. An Android phone is great for students because there are more apps that are made by students for students. It is also great for an average person because it is simple to use and is just like your normal PC at home. Its great for multi tasking, and it has the second largest app store in the market and is very customizable. These phones normally have batteries you can take out, which is great because it makes it easily replaceable. The downfall to this system though, is its not that great on security. You will need to have some type of antispyware on the phone, so all of your information is safe and protected from peekers.

The Windows phone
The Windows phone is somewhat new to the market. It does have the smallest app store, but it is definitely growing fast. It is an easy system to use, although it does take time to get use to it. It has everything in alphabetical order, so you can click on a letter to pull up an app you are looking for. The marketplace is monitored, so you have to worry a little less about someone getting your personal information. Unfortunately, it is so new that the system does need to mature a little bit. The SD card is not replaceable, but this system does use skydrive for extra storage.

The iPhone
The iPhone has been around for quite some now, and is liked by a lot of people. It has a very high tech system and was the first really accepted smart phone. The iPhone does not have the lead on customization when it comes to the system but it does have the most accessory options than any other type of phone. Of course there are the usual cases and covers and so forth but the iPhone also overs things like thermostats, stun guns, docking stations for radios and even keyboards to make it just a little easier on you. A downfall to the iPhone is how easy it really can break. Being made out of glass is a downfall, although it offers a more professional look, but is why they make great cases that protect your phone from breaking.

All of these types of operating systems for your phone are pretty similar in a sense to one another. One thing to think about is, are you going to need many different types of apps, or use the phone for work or school purposes? Are you going to have the phone for just personal uses and more for fun? Are you looking for something simple, or something more professional? Answering these types of questions are imperative to making sure you purchase the best type of phone that will fit your everyday needs.


It’s beyond no doubt that we are living in a modern world where mobile technology is improving at a faster rate. Mobile companies are struggling to maintain their brands in the market by improving their technology every day. As far as this trend is good, it may pose a huge challenge to naiive and first time buyers who may not have any experience on phone technology.

In this article, I am going to show you the list of current top ten best phones in the world in terms of design or model, power and their quality. This will ensure that you don’t spend too much on the phone that don’t suit your needs.

Top ten best phones

  • Google`s Nexus phone

This Android 5 driven device has an internal memory of 3GB and a storage capacity of 32/64GB. Its screen size is 5.96-inch with a resolution power of 2560×1440. It has a rear and front camera which are 13MP and 2MP respectively and 3220mAh battery type. Above all, with this kind of phone, you will be receiving every google updates directly in to your device.

  • Sony Xperia Z3

This phone prides itself for being the best phone in terms of best screen and longest battery life. This Sony product powered by bravia screen technology is driven by android 5 OS. It has a screen size of 5.15 inches and a resolution power of 1920×1080. Its memory is 3GB with a storage of 166/32GB. In addition it`s rear and front camera are 20.7 and 2.2MP respectively. Its battery is 3100mAh which is beyond no doubt the best battery in the market.

  • iPhone 6 plus

This Apple`s first ever big screen phone is driven by iOS 8 OS. It has a memory of 1GB with storage capacity of 16/128GB. I t also has both front and rear camera which are 1.2 and 8MP. Its screen size is 5.5 inches and resolution of 1920×1080. Its battery type is 2915mAh which is one of the best batteries currently in the market.

  • Samsung note 4

This Samsung`s newest phablet is the best big screen phone available in the market. It’s driven on android 5 OS with memory of 3GB and storage capacity of 32GB. Its screen size is 5.7 inches with a resolution of 250×1440. It also has front and rear camera which are 16MP and 3.7MP and a removable battery of 3220mAh.

  • Sony Xperia z3 compact

This phone though smaller than its z3 counterpart is driven with android 5 OS and a memory of 2GB with a storage of 16GB. Its screen size is 4.6 inch, resolution of 1280×720. Its front and rear camera are both 2.2MP and 20.7MP and a2600mAh battery type.

  • LG G3

LG has hit the market again with the latest device which has the following; an android 5 OS, 3000mAh removable battery, 5.5 inches screen size with a resolution of 2560×1440, 2GB/3GB memory with a storage of 16GB/32GB fixed with front and rear camera of 2.1 and 13MP respectively.

  • Samsung galaxy S6

This curved edged phone is equipped with the following qualities;

Android 5Os, 3GB memory with a storage of 32GB/64GB/128GB, front and rear camera of 5mp and 16MP respectively, 5.1 inch screen size with a resolution of 1440×2560. Its battery is 2560mAh.

  • HTC one M9

This quality HTC has the following qualities;

An android 5, 5 inches screen size and a resolution of 1920×1080, 3GB memory and a storage capacity 32GB. Battery life of 2840mAh, rear and front camera of 20.7 and 4MP.

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New Report Claims Mobile Phones Are Not Tough Enough For Our Needs

The report indicated that mobile phones are not tough enough for our needs. More than a third of people go out to purchase further accessories just to ensure that their phone doesn't break.

When looking for the best mobile deal, price isn't actually the most important factor for most customers. Whilst just over 60 per cent of customers state that price is the most important factor, 70 per cent think that an easy to use phone is more important.

Almost half of consumers want a high spec camera on their mobile phone. In this day and age, many of the features that customers want are not traditionally associated with telecommunications. Battery life was revealed to be the biggest gripe, as more than a third of phone owners found that it was not up to scratch.

The report indicated that 71 per cent of consumers want a good battery life when looking for the best mobile deals. It has been revealed that many customers are disappointed to find that their phones aren't up to scratch when it comes to basic functions. Many people reported that their phone often fails them on a basic level as they struggle to get a signal.

The New Futuristic Smartphone Handsets Have Arrived…Nearly..

These futuristic handsets will have the ability to adapt their shape when appropriate, for example, when you enter private information, the phone could curve upwards to protect your privacy. Additionally, shape shifting phones may change their shape to that of a games console pad in order to improve grip. So, how is a shape shifting phone actually made?

Scientists at Bristol University have been working with intelligent metals and plastics which contain memory. By sending a current through these metals and plastics, scientists have been able to make the objects change their shape or expand. What do you want from the best mobile deal?

Shape shifting phones set to be the latest big trend. In the future, when hunting for the best mobile deal, you will no longer be looking for a handset with touchscreen and 4G; these will be considered basic functions compared to the hi-tech shape shifting handsets.

Those who keep a close eye on new models and the best mobile deals may be wondering when they can get their hands on the innovative new handsets. As the research is still in it's very early stages, it is expected that we won't be seeing shape shifting phones in stores for another 5 to 15 years.

When shape shifting phones increase in popularity, we may see manufacturers becoming competitive in order to attract consumers looking for the best mobile deal. Manufacturers may use the shape changing functionality to add unique qualities to their phones, such as transforming into a ball, to be used as a stress ball.

Killer Tips On Getting Free Perfume Samples

free perfume samples by mail

If you live in the UK and are a lover of the intoxicating scent of perfume, then take advantage of free perfume samples! Why would you pay such exorbitant prices for a new perfume? You can’t even be sure you are still going to want to wear it after a week!

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Plus, have you been itching to try a new scent for winter, say a muskier or heavier scent? Worried that it might be too masculine for you, or might not smell as good as it does on your friends? Get free perfume samples by mail and give it a try! Do you like floral scents most of the time, but like a stronger perfume for special occasions?

Free perfume samples UK lets you expand your scents repertoire without making you pend hundreds of dollars in the process for a perfume that you are only going to wear once in awhile.Take the guess work out of perfume shopping.

Give free perfume samples by mail a try and see how much braver you will get with sampling scents!

What Everyone Should Know To Get Free Perfume Samples By Mail

free perfume samples by mail

They are available all over the Web….. you can get free perfume samples from almost anywhere. Perfume is one of the most popular beauty products as everyone likes to exude an attractive odour in public, especially on dates, but it can also be costly. People therefore like to know what a products is like to make sure that they are not “buying a pig in a poke,” as they say. Here are ways you get free perfume samples by mail — the sites on which to look, and what particular brands of perfume they offer.

Some places offer all kinds of perfume, while others are aligned with a particular brand. For that reason, if you have a preference or are allergic to a particular ingredient that is used to make various perfumes.  Then you will want to steer clear of those brands that contain them. Likewise, sometimes companies send out perfumes designed for use only by women, for example.

There are places devoted specifically to perfumes that have just come out. Many of the sources for free perfume samples by mail require you to register (for free) and take part in surveys, the purpose of which — like that of sending out the free perfume samples themselves — is to enable the manufacturers to improve their products in order to satisfy more of their customers and thus to make more money.

To encourage more people to take part in their surveys more often, the businesses that conduct them often send their participants free gifts as a way of thanking them.

Android Wear – With All The Cooks

all the cooks

A neat example of this, gives you the right recipe, right once you need it. This app is a fantastic illustration of the 4 creative visions for Android Wear: Launched automatically Glanceable Recommend & demand Zero or low interaction Allthecooks also shows what developers can do by combining each the energy of the mobile device and the convenience of Android Wear.

Pick the best tool for the job One especially well-designed aspect of Allthecooks is their approach to the multi-device experience. Allthecooks lets the user search and browse the different recipes on their Android telephone or tablet. When the user is ready, there’s a clearly labelled blue action link to send the recipe to the watch. The integration is natural. Employing the on-screen keyboard and the larger screen real estate, Allthecooks is utilizing the greatest screen to browse by means of the recipes.

On the wearables side, the recipe is synchronised by making use of the DataApi & is launched automatically, fulfilling 1 of the key creative visions for Android Wear. The end result? The mobile / Wear integration is seamless. Thoughtful navigation Once the recipe has been sent to the Android Wear device, Allthecooks splits the steps into readily glanceable pages. At the end of that list of steps, it the user to jump back to the beginning with a clearly marked button. This indicates in case you would like to browse through the steps before beginning to cook, you could effortlessly get to the beginning once more without swiping by way of all of the pages.

This really is a excellent example of two other points in the vision: glanceable  or low interaction.  One of the key ingredients of fantastic cooking is timing, and Allthecooks is always on hand to do all of the inputs for you once you are ready to start the clock. A easy tap on the blue ONE and Allthecooks will automatically set the timer to 1 hour. It is a gentle suggestion that Allthecooks can set the timer for you should you want. Alternatively, should you want to use your egg timer, why not? It’s a modest detail on the other hand it really demonstrates the last & final element of Android Wear’s vision of propose & demand.

It is an ever ready assistant when the user wants it. At the same time, it’s respectful and does not force the user to go down a route that the user doesn’t need. It is concerning the particulars Great design is about being user-centric and paying attention to particulars. Allthecooks could have just shrunk their mobile app for wear

Basic Guide To Mobile Phone Coverage

phoen coverage

Mobile phone coverage is distributed by networks consisting of multiple contiguous cells, each of which is served by a separate transmitter with fixed locations, called base station. Each cell covers a certain area and all the cells together provide radio coverage of a much wider geographical area. This makes it possible to operate simultaneously a plurality of mobile transceivers (e. G., mobile phones, pagers, among others), irrespective of whether they are stationary or moving from one cell to another.

Before the introduction of mobile phone networks there were mobile radiotelephone systems – for example, in cars. The radio telephone system, however, had only one central antenna tower in every city and a limited number (perhaps 25) of channels for use by each tower.

This means that the phone in a car needed a powerful transmitter so that it can link on a radio distance of 40 or 50 miles. This also means that it was also difficult for many people to simultaneously use the radio, as there were insufficient channels.

Mobile networks offer a number of advantages over other alternatives: increased capacity, low power consumption (for both individual devices and the base station), wider coverage and low interference. A simple example of a mobile network is a radio system for drivers of old taxis which were supported by multiple transceivers, each managed by a single operator.

In order to realize the mobile network, all base stations contribute directly to the radio signal that is divided into cells. The shape of the cells may be hexagon, a square, round or otherwise, the most common being the hexagon. Of each of these cells identify several operating frequencies of corresponding base stations. Same group of frequencies can be reused in other cells, provided that they are sufficiently remote, otherwise they create signal interference, which is undesirable.

Although initially towers with two-way radios were the center of a cell and emitted in all directions, it is possible for the network map to be redrawn. Each tower has three antennas oriented in three different directions, spaced 120 degrees from each other (total 360 degrees), and can transmit and receive at three different frequencies for the three cells. This provides at least three channels (three towers that operate it) for each cell.

The main feature of a network is the reuse of frequencies in different cells, in order to increase the coverage and capacity. For this purpose, each base station distinguishes the signal produced by its own transceiver from other signals received from neighboring base stations. There are two standardized solutions to this problem: frequency division multiplexing access (FDMA) and code division multiplexing access (CDMA). FDMA operates using different frequencies for each neighboring cell. By adjusting the frequency to a selected individual cell it can avoid signals from other cells.

Each cell network has some sort of radiative mechanism. It can be used directly for the submission of information to multiple mobile devices. Their most important task entails adjusting communication channels between the mobile transceiver and the base station. This is called paging. Details of the process of paging vary from network to network, but its foundation is the fact that the area where the phone is located is known.

The 3 Mobile Network Is Really Gaining Ground Lately


Choosing a mobile provider is a process of finding which carrier will best suit your needs. Worldwide each country has two or three major operators. Form the big international operators to country local operators, they all offer their own unique features and options. 3 mobile network is one of the unique operates that offer a wide range of products and services.

All your options can be found in one convenient location. From mobile phones to data contracts there is a little bit of everything on offer. They give full coverage on both 3G and 4G network across the country, with extra features and options available to all. Choosing the right provider can mean the difference in paying a fortune or finding the best deal to suit your pocket.

Even remote areas are able to receive this service due to the extended coverage beyond main areas. With an easy to navigate website and full account control form the website you can always be assured that customer support is a top priority. Friendly staff is available 24/7 for any queries you may have and can assist with any problems in a timely manner.

From opening new accounts to accessing special services, everything is available in one main location. No more waiting in long lines or holding on for a call to be answered. Its quicker and easier online and simpler to. Built on a fast set of lines for fast internet is a key feature that anybody on the move needs.

With mobile services being the most used devices on the internet today it is understandable that a fast provider means better business and happier customers. Although at times access might be limited due to unforeseen circumstances. But be assured that all services will be up and running in no time.

Like all technology it does have its ups and down but with an operator that can recover quickly from these problems it would be the best choice for any customer. The website offers the customer a multitude of choices, such as viewing the account, upgrading contracts or contacting the support office. No matter what you need, it can all be found on the website.

With cheap pricing and contracts to suit everyone, they are your one stop for all your mobile needs. There is also a app that can be downloaded for even easier access to all the info on your account. Constant communication is a priority for them and will inform you of any impending service outages. Calls to friends and family on the same set of numbers are charged at a lower rate and this helps save some extra money each month.

Deciding on a provider is a challenge but choosing this will make the selection so much easier and quicker. Your choice can only be the best operator in the industry with the best services possible. Upgrading our account or purchasing more airtime is a convenient click away. Payment methods range from credit card to fund transfers. More options for means more convenience and less stress.